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Welcome To Your London Community

Sunday Assembly London is part of a global, secular community that celebrates life, and we welcome all who welcome all.

We meet at 11am on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month at Conway Hall, in Red Lion Square, Holborn, to sing pop songs, listen to fascinating speakers, hear poetry, and then have tea and cake. You can watch some of our past events on our YouTube channel.

Upcoming Events

Many feel that contemporary Western culture is in the grips of a meaning crisis. Are we unsure of our direction, as we grapple with climate change, runaway AI, geopolitical instability and increasing challenges around mental health?
In this talk, Alexander Beiner will examine this moment in history, with a particular focus on AI, social media and psychedelics, to argue that materialist metaphysics play a major role in our cultural dislocation today. Drawing on the research for his book ‘The Bigger Picture’, he’ll argue that ‘New Atheism’ is giving way to ‘New Animism’ and what implications this has for the future of humanity.
Alexander is a writer, commentator and co-founder of Rebel Wisdom, a media and events organization focussing on making sense of culture and complexity.

We are also thrilled to have poetry from Max Ingmar. Max is a queer, non-binary writer, musician and artist. They make art that acts as a series of small exorcisms; the good, the bad and the hopeful.

There will also be the usual smorgasbord of songs, tea and community.

Live Better, Help Often, Wonder More