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1 Month Till New Launches: #AssembleEverywhere

September 28th is going to be a big day because, across the world, there will be new Assemblies launching. We don’t yet know exactly how many are going to launch, we do know that thousands of people will be coming together to celebrate being alive. Thousands of people, who didn’t know each other before, coming together to form new communities.

Sunday Assembly London

Now, not every town in the world will have an Assembly, and a lot have been asking how can they can get involved if there ain’t one near them. Well, we had a think about that and have come up with some ideas for you:

  • Go To A Sunday Assembly: You might not have one in your town, but there will be one starting nearby. Get in touch and visit.
  • Have a Sunday Assembly Meet Up: Can’t make it to an event? Why not have a meet up where you are? Whether its with people we’ve put you in touch with, or with people you think might be interested, have a get-together and be part of this worldwide event.
  • Invite Your Friends: Do you have friends? Great. Are they in towns? Even better. Then why not let them know that they’
  • Twitter It Up: follow the hashtag #AssembleEverywhere and join in the conversation.
  • Facebook That Stuff: follow through Sunday Assembly page and join in the conversation online #AssembleEverywhere

Can you think of any other ways of getting involved? Let us know in the comments.