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3 Weeks Until #AssemblyEverywhere

It is only 3 weeks until Assemblies are going to launch all over the world. 3 weeks until new congregations and new communities . What? That is crazy. I am sure there are tons of things that you are going through your head and  we thought we’d help by giving you some top tips of things that need to get clear.

1. New volunteers

The first Assembly is the perfect time to recruit new volunteers. During the Assembly announce that you will be having a meeting afterwards for people who would like to get involved (put a meeting in the diary at that get together). It also helps people know that Sunday Assembly isn’t something that just comes out of a box, it is put on by super folk like you (and hopefully them).

2. Community

This is a big one. Indeed, this is bigger than the rest of the advice we give you. At the first Assembly, get everyone’s email address and try to get everyone who turns up at some kind of community event before the next Assembly. This might mean that you have to put on 10 potlucks in the next month, but do activities and meet people. It is relationships that will keep people attending.

3. Kids Corner

Work out what you’ll do to make kids feel at home. We found the easiest way is putting down a blanket at the back with a few toys and just have kids sit with their parents and play. That way you don’t get into any complicated ‘kids in a separate room stuff’. Also, make sure that parents feel welcome to bring kids – they don’t have to worry about them spoiling it.

4. The Service

You should have found a venue, a speaker and songs by now, – and congratulations on that – so it is probably good if you have a run through. Now, if you can do it in your venue then so much the better. If you can’t, then just have it in someone’s living room, but make sure you go down to the venue and see what needs to get done to set it up (bring your tech!). You should also assign volunteers to roles that need to be done on the day.

Remember, that if the service isn’t enjoyable then people won’t come back next time.
  • Complete your application form – please do get this to us!
  • Make sure you get public liability insurance – we bear no responsibility for your actions, so cover your behinds folks.
  • Find your music – remember, karaoke tracks work great.
  • Have you sent out your local press release? Are you featured in local listings? Don’t worry, there’s still time.
  • If you are about to launch an Assembly, are you part of the Warm Up Google Group? (Request membership by emailing us).
  • Social media – you should have your Facebook and Twitter by now so starting hammering the hashtag #AssemblyEverywhere.

There’ll be more tips and advice in the days coming up. Good luck! And good speed!