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Amazing Deal On Conference Tickets For Those Outside North America

We’ve got some awesome news about A Conference Called Wonder, The Sunday Assembly Annual Conference (May 29th-May 31st), which we think you’ll love. It is amazing that it is in the US where we have so many brilliant chapters, but we want as many people from outside North America there as possible. It’s not that we don’t like Americans, Canadians and Mexicans – it’s just that the event will be even better if we get a bit of Sunday Assembly flavour from all over the world.

Come on over. You know you want to...
Come on over. You know you want to…

In order to make that happen we have done a few things.

  1. A Mega Discount: we have dropped the ticket price from $120 to $70 for anyone who is travelling from outside North America.
  2. Free Accommodation: The lovely organisers of Sunday Assembly Atlanta have offered to host people from out of town. You will be top of the list to be on the receiving end of some Southern Hospitality.
  3. Free Meal at the Sunday Assembly BBQ: there’ll be a BBQ (maybe even a hoe-down) and if you’ve come all the way from all the way away then this meal is on us.
  4. Travel: this will be a the big cost and sadly we don’t (yet) have the ability to change ticket prices, however, you can travel from Shannon to Atlanta for £282 via BudgetAir.

Sunday Assembly is an extraordinary movement, powered by extraordinary people, and we want as many of them to meet as possible.

See you in Atlanta!