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Announcing The Sunday Assembly KickStarter Tour – Sep-Nov 2013

It is our great pleasure to tell you about the Sunday Assembly KickStarter campaign that we’ll be doing from September to November this year. “But in your last video, you guys said you’d launch a KickStarter in April!” – a person who is concentrating. Yes, but then we decided to wait because, we came up with AN OUTRAGEOUSLY COOL IDEA – The Sunday Assembly KickStarter Tour.

For the 60 days of our KickStarter campaign we will take Sunday Assembly on the road and location of each stop will be decided by YOU. Yep, Pippa and I will visit  towns and cities across the UK, the US, and Europe, with the location of each service decided by the supporters of The Sunday Assembly.

But why do you need money? Good question, charming innocent. We need cash to create the The Sunday Assembly Everywhere* Toolkit – a system which everyone can use to start their own Sunday Assembly. We’re building a pilot version now but the finished Toolkit will include brilliant videos of awesome speakers (who should we ask?), beautiful artwork, neat microsites for each Assembly and that needs money.

To support the KickStarter Campaign we will go to all the places that want to have an Assembly in the UK, US and Europe. (Maybe we can figure out a way to get to Accra, Lima or Canberra?) We’ll go wherever there is greatest demand, and put on a Sunday Assembly (though it won’t necessarily be on a Sunday).

This will help us with a number of things:

  1. It will show people what happens at The Sunday Assembly (because not everyone can get to The Conway Hall on Sunday May 5th).
  2. Help us meet the Sunday Assembly Everywhere teams (“Oh, you’re all wearing hockey masks, how idiosyncratic!”).
  3. Spread the word about The Sunday Assembly (and our awesome KickStarter campaign).

This will neatly answer the three of the biggest questions facing Sunday Assembly:

  1. How do people know how to Sunday Assembly (yep, it’s a verb now) if they can’t see it?
  2. How do we get to know Sunday Assembly teams?
  3. How do we fund the Sunday Assembly Everywhere initiative? (At the moment, I get to work full time on it because I did this and I’m running out of runway).

This leaves us with four months to organise the biggest baddest bestest crowdfunding effort the world has ever seen. And, don’t worry, in between each leg of the tour we’ll come back to London to do our service (which we hope to do twice a month by then), and wash our smalls.

Before we go we have to do a big shout out to Dr. Jonathan Tobert, our mysterious benefactor (he’s actually not mysterious, but it sounds more fun), who is providing some of the funding for the thing “provided you don’t stay in the Four Seasons or anything like that”. Thanks, JT!

That’s it guys. Can’t wait to meet you in the fall