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Meet the Community: Chris Butt

Chris, keyboard virtuoso and music man, gets involved in a lot more than backing the band on piano – he also helps out with A/V on Sundays, lending a sensible ear in organising discussions, and led the charge on last year’s community Chris(t)mas party. What’s your favourite thing about Sunday […]

Meet the community: Mitsky

Mitsky’s one of the longest-running members of the Sunday Assembly community, and amongst the most dedicated of our volunteer team, regularly arriving at 9am on Sunday mornings to setup tables, haul equipment and get Conway Hall ready for Assemblies! What’s your favourite thing about Sunday Assembly?People. SA is a community […]

Meet the community: Aurimas Bartkus

Aurimas (or Auris, or Otis!) plays bass in the SA London band, and Tried His Best at this month’s Pride Assembly. What’s your favourite thing about Sunday Assembly?The community. I love variety of people that I’ve met and made friends with. Every Sunday is a social lucky dip of who […]

Meet the Host: Colin McClure

He’s had a finger in many Sunday Assembly pies over the years, and he’s our intrepid host at Sunday’s LGBTQ+ assembly for Pride month. Let’s unwrap the enigma that is… COLIN McCLURE… What’s your favourite thing about SA? It’s the opportunity to appreciate (others, music, new knowledge, life, tea) and […]

Meet the community: Ana Piferrer

Ana’s been a part of the community since 2016, and can usually be found in day-glo on-stage of a Sunday morning! What’s your favourite thing about Sunday Assembly?My favourite thing about SA is the people I’ve met. The understanding and acceptance from the community never ceases to blow my mind.  […]

Meet the community: Sophie Abington

Sophie’s a mainstay of the band, and has her hands in SA London’s music team across all our events. What’s your favourite thing about Sunday Assembly? The opportunity to meet a range of interesting and friendly people who I might not otherwise come across… and getting to play music with […]

Meet the community: Nicole Holgate

Nicole’s been coming to Sunday Assembly London for a while, and she’s currently part of the comms team, as well as getting involved in a few other areas of the community. What’s your favourite thing about Sunday Assembly? My favourite thing is the singing. I am in the choir but […]