The Sunday Assembly is the world’s fastest growing secular community. We join together to celebrate life and we’re looking for people who are ready to commit to be on this journey with us through launching new chapters. It’s a major investment of time, effort and money but the reward is huge and we’ll support you along the way. Here’s how it works:

Five Steps to Starting Up

1. Build a Team

Once you’ve looked at the Sunday Assembly Charter and are ready to commit to launching your own, begin recruiting an organising team. You will meet to share what the values of Sunday Assembly mean to you, discuss roles and responsibilities and begin fundraising. You will need at least 10 committed individuals to be able to move on to the next stage of organising an Assembly.

2. Sign Up for Training

Think about when you want to launch. We have two launch phases per year—in September and January, so start to plan which of these works best for your team. Once you have your core team of at least 10 committed organisers, you are ready to sign up to Sunday Assembly Start-Up Training. This training takes place twice a year, three months ahead of each launch (June and September). It costs £500 per team— between £33-£100 per person—depending on your team size.

3. Attend Training

Our online training is an all inclusive start-up package, delivered completely online over 8 webinars. We share all you need to know to start a new chapter- the history of Sunday Assembly, how to run the event, how to build your community, access to the full Sunday Assembly brand, and discussions on how to answer any tricky questions you may face. You’ll also receive a full resource pack for each stage, giving you all you need to kickstart.

4. Begin Planning

Now that you have been trained, your planning will kick into high gear! Secure a venue and insurance, plan out several months of themes, recruit a further volunteers, musicians, and everything else you need to launch. We’ll stay in touch with you along the way to support you and you’ll be part of a cohort of start ups all starting at the same time.

5. Launch

Everything planned, secured and set to go? Excellent! You’re our newest Sunday Assembly chapter and we’re delighted to have you on board! Ready to start on one of the most challenging yet rewarding paths? Sign up for our international and new organiser mailing lists so that you can stay connected and get ready for our next launch phase in September!

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