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Community Meeting of Great Cheer and Joyfulness

What’s all this about a community meeting?

One of the best things, and let’s face it there’s lots of them, about Sunday Assembly is getting to meet amazing humans. That’s what makes us a community.

There’s a whole bunch of people in the community (that’s you) with ideas about things we can do at Assemblies and beyond.

Once a month we’re meeting up to

• plan the next Assembly

• share ideas about things we can do in the future

• hang out with each other and have a chat.

We’re still experimenting with venues and times. However, the most important thing is getting together, connecting and supporting Sunday Assembly – this thing we love.

The next community meeting of joy is 6.30 – 9.00 Wednesday 26th February at in the cafe at The Royal Festival Hall. Pop over to the Sunday Assembly Facebook page for more details: .

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