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Job Vacancy- Sunday Assembly London Event Manager

Part Time Contract (3-5 days/month, £150/day); remote work (but expected to attend occasional events)

Reporting to the Board of Trustees via the Chair of the Board.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.  Send your CV and cover letter to our chair, Joshua Becker at

Sunday Assembly London (SAL) is a high-profile charity and a much loved community, supported by our loyal attendees. We host events that provide stimulating content and a sense of community in the centre of London.  Described as a cross between karaoke and TED talks, our high energy, twice-monthly events provide the focal point for a community that also includes participant-led groups such as article discussions, board game groups, and volunteering clubs.

Our regular events are the first and third Sunday of every month, as well as occasional evening events. SAL is run by passionate and dedicated volunteers, supported by the Charity’s Board of Trustees, and funded by the community itself via donations at events, regular donors and special event ticket sales.

We’re looking for a part-time event manager, based in London, to provide essential support services to our community’s events. You will primarily be responsible for social media management and for booking and managing guests for our regular events through the curation of an exciting and stimulating programme which speaks to our values of living better, helping often and wondering more.

This role will involve booking highly engaging speakers and performers and working with the team of volunteers to ensure the smooth running of the event. Although not expected to be at every Assembly we would expect attendance at some events to test the format, assess the audience response, and get real time feedback.

To get the best from the events you will need to get to know and understand our community and values. You’ll ensure speakers and topics fit well, and identify engaging, willing speakers from within the community, too. There is no ticket price, and assemblies run on a donation-only basis, so a key part of the role is booking high quality speakers to talk to the community pro bono.

Our mission is to help people live life as fully as possible – our speakers are our primary means of creating curiosity and encouraging our community to think big thoughts!

Key responsibilities:

Specific key responsibilities for our twice-monthly assemblies include:

  • Finding keynote speakers for each Assembly who are engaging, upbeat with a lean towards personal growth, community or science topics and can fulfil our values of living better, helping often and wondering more
  • Liaising with the community to fill poet / performance slots and community member slots for each Assembly
  • Working with band and hosting team to ensure full schedule for each assembly. (Typical assembly has 1 speaker, 1 poet or performer, and 1 community contributor curated by this role.)

Responsibilities for our wider Sunday Assembly events include:

  • Working with the community on occasional evening fundraising events, such as holiday parties and special-topic talks
  • Managing additional events beyond the regular Assemblies, such as our ticketed “Lates” programme

All of our events include the following key responsibilities:

Managing and coordinating live events, including:

  • Managing social media for Sunday Assembly and events
  • Work with hosting team to book speakers/contributors for each event
  • Ensuring speakers are appropriately prepared
  • Working with coordination crew to generate and distribute running order
  • Providing information on speakers to hosting team ahead of the event
  • Working with the volunteer production team to generate promotional content across platforms to market SA events
  • Playing an influential role to maximise community participation and attendance at all events
  • Managing pre-event and follow-up communication with guests as necessary
  • Liaising with coord crew lead to ensure guests are greeted and attended
  • Maintaining online volunteer, speaker and performer tracking
  • Assisting with monthly Event Summary Reports and quarterly Impact Reports to the Board of Trustees

Essential skills and experience:

  • Event organisation, booking content e.g. speakers 
  • Social media and event promotion 
  • Relationship management
  • Managing communication and information across multiple workgroups and individuals

Desirable skills:

  • Fundraising
  • Budget Management
  • Charity sector experience
  • Working with volunteers