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October 20th: Global Mega Party

It’s time to put a date in your diary, people (actually, write an appointment next to a date in your diary (if you have a diary without dates in it, then it is just a book and someone has conned you)), because on October 20th we are having a party, at our usual time in London, for the launch of the 40 Dates and the 40 Nights Roadshow, and our crowdfunding campaign, and everyone in the world is invited.

What? How can you invite everyone in the world?

Here’s how: We will livestream the Sunday Assembly to you, and then you, Assemblers across the world, can have viewing parties of your own wherever you are. Go to people’s houses, bring some grub, then bring on the eating, sharing and laughing, because it is a great way to build friendship and community, and just a good thing all round.

If your town is already on the 40 Dates and 40 Nights Roadshow, then this is an excuse for getting everyone together, and excited, before your big day. If it isn’t, then it is a way for getting more people involved. Should neither of those be true, just watch it and enjoy.

Here are the simple steps you should take:

  1. Put October 20th in your diary
  2. Choose a venue*
  3. Invite friends and Assemblers
  4. Bring food to share
  5. Watch live stream of the London Assembly (including first premiere of our crowdfunding vid)
  6. Send us three recipes of things that were cooked at your party.

Why send the recipes? Because we are going to take all the recipes that are sent in to us, turn them into an ebook, and then give it away to supporters of the IndieGoGo campaign. It just keeps getting better. We are looking for other party ideas, so get the heck in touch with us. What else would be fun to do? Please say.

That’s it guys. Hope you have a seriously great time.

*Someone’s house would work best. If there are two many people to have it in one house, then have it in two houses (use this same strategy as it gets bigger and bigger).