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Hash Tag 40 Dates – Part 2!

You’re right – we’re taking our time to Blog this baby. That is because we have been running around since we touched down in the USA and now Sanderson is in Australia and I am back in London. So there is time for breathing and typing, two of life’s necessities.

We got to.. Washington.

Next up was Nashville. Picked up by the delightful David Lyle we were whizzed to his home for pulled pork, naps and an introduction to his two delightful daughters. Twins. 3 years old. How David does it, even he doesn’t know!

Three interesting things about Nashville Sunday Assembly

1. Super music. Obviously. There was a moment when we thought there wouldn’t be a band at the Nashville Assembly. If you can’t get a band in Nashville, then something is seriously wrong! Of course it was excellent. Led by Adam Newton on keys, they rocked out something rotton!

2. We had the most news crews we have ever had. This is probably understandable, what with Nashville being in the Bible Belt, but we weren’t expecting to be a main story on the News at 10.

3. Great team. David Lyle, Landry Butler and Adam Newton work well together. When we first talked about doing Nashville there wasn’t much time but David and Landry got something quite special off the ground, with the late addition of Adam – this is definitely a Sunday Assembly to watch.

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Spear headed by Nicole Steeves, we had this first meet in a wine store. I didn’t even know that was possible!

Three things…

1. The guest speaker was Hemant Mehta, also known as the Friendly Atheist. He wrote a blog about it here

2. The band dropped out at the last minute. There was some panic – it was going to end up being me on guitar and Nicole on a tambourine. Then suddenly, The 8 Ball Band got in touch. Problem solved. Heart attack finished.

3. Due to bad planning on our part, we had to run from Chicago to the airport to begin a slightly horrific travel plan to get to San Diego. This meant we didn’t get to spend as much time with the Chicago team as we would have liked.

The next Chicago Sunday Assembly meet is being planned! Want to get involved? Click here!