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HELP WANTED: Want to change the world?

In just one year the Sunday Assembly went from a monthly get-together in London, to a worldwide movement spanning countries and continents. We are now a community of  communities, a congregation of congregations, and it has been done almost 100% with the work of volunteers.

First up: thanks to EVERYONE who has made this happen. You are ace, and you should know that. Go you!

Second up: There is a lot more work to do and we would love more help, thanks very much. We are victims of your success and we need you to keep up with your demand (does that make sense? Almost). Having operated for one year we have a far better understanding of the essential roles, and, more importantly, how to operate to get the most people involved.

With all that out of the way, read on to learn who we are looking for at the moment. If these roles suit you that please fill in the Volunteer Form:

Project Planners, Producers and Prodders

The Sunday Assembly has the best volunteers on earth, without them we’d be nothing. However, keeping track of all the projects, and making sure they keep moving is a big task, but if you know how to get deliverables delivered, and have led teams in the past, then you could really help us.

Volunteer Coordinators

We are the lucky recipient of tons of offers of help, one of the trickiest things is to get in touch with people, chat to them, and then find the best position for them. Could you do that?


Are you business savvy? Do you work in e-commerce? Do you ring people up and try to convince people to buy things? Great! Want a chance to use that for wonderfulness? Excellent! Hit us the heck up, and help us get sustainable.

Impact Squad

Are you interested in social innovation? Would you like to find a way for Sunday Assembly to provide measurable good in the community? Do you work in social entrepreneurship, third sector or something like that? We’d like your help so we can have the biggest impact possible.

Diversity Team

We want the Sunday Assembly to be representative of all types of people, and inclusive of all types of folk, would you like to help make that happen? You would work with a team to create a Sunday Assembly diversity plan for 2014

Social Media Maestros

Like tweeting, Facebooking, and Instagram? Then you could help us. We’d love to find someone who can track down good links and keep our social media lively and interesting and up-to-date.

Sunday Assembly Content

We’re looking for folk who would like to edit, or write for the site, so that we can help people live their lives well. Heck, we’d even like you to make memes for us, find guests for a podcast or make videos. Drop us a line if you are keen.

Web Developers

Our site is built on WordPress, and we’d love help with it, though if you can build apps, or other cool stuff, please get in touch.

Here’s the Volunteer Form again, and thank you SO much for all of the work you have done so far. You are helping to change lives, and create communities, and that is simply marvellous.

Thanks so much.


ps. Did I say thanks enough? Probably not. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!