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Pippa is a Glorious Idiot

We’ve just returned from A Conference Called Wonder in San Diego – an incredible few days of living better, helping often and wondering more with Sunday Assemblers from all over the world. It was extraordinary, and we’re looking forward to sharing the magic with you.

The first slice of magic is this poem that Pippa Evans, Sunday Assembly’s co-founder, wrote and performed for the glorious (and idiotic) San Diego wonderers…

The Glorious Idiot

by Pippa Evans


It took me a while to realise

Because I got told – “Don’t be an idiot!”

So even though I had an inkling

That I might be an idiot –

I did what I was told and tried to be

Anything other than an idiot.

I’d say “I knew that!” or

“I read that, like, a year ago!” or

“Really? You think THAT? You must be an idiot!”

Oh how I judged and mocked those idiots

Till my stomach was knotted with miserable, arrogant sneers

And my head was dizzy from towering over those joyful, inquisitive idiots.

Then, one day, I awoke and thought:


You are killing yourself trying NOT to be an idiot!!!

So I say to you – “I AM AN IDIOT!”

Oh what freedoms since embracing my idiot self!

Idiots ask questions…and listen to the answers!

Idiots say thank you and please and how are you?

Idiots make mistakes… and admit them. And apologise.

Idiots are happy to sit in the unknown. To watch the world pass by

And sweep them up and go around them,

Sat in the centre, taking it all in,

Not always knowing what it means or even if it means anything at all.

Idiots keep eating pastries even though they know they are full.

I want to be my best self.

And my best self is an idiot.

A glorious idiot!

A beautiful, stupid, clever, hideous, amazing idiot.

Before I embraced my idiot I would say

“I know everything!”

Wearing it like a protective shield.

So I proudly say

“I know nothing!”

Everything I learn teaches me there is more to learn.

So I ask you – will you be an idiot with me?

Then let us rise up

And become the wisest, kindest, strongest group of idiots

This world has ever seen.

But only, of course, if you are an idiot.

And if you’re not an idiot then, forgive me for mistaking you.