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Introducing: Retreat to the Future

Sunday Assembly is launching Retreat To The Future globally. This is our new weekend experience that helps people (maybe you) to live life as fully as possible whilst also deepening community connections.

This all started with us running an 8 week Life Course in 2015, an experience that later evolved into the first Retreat To The Future that we piloted in London in March 2017.

It was an experiment. An experiment that went spectacularly well.

Our entire aim has always been to help people find their edge. Whatever people are working on, whatever project they want to launch, whatever step they want to take. So we designed Retreat To The Future to help them do just that.

And now, after the success of our Spring pilot, we’re launching our first fully blown series with 6 Retreat To The Future events across the world

San Francisco
Las Vegas

(We’re working on more locations right now, so if your city isn’t on this list and it should be – let us know via and we’ll bring it to you just as soon we can!)

Five Years of Learning

Retreat To The Future takes all of the lessons we’ve learnt from hosting transformative events for almost five years and takes things to the next level.

Since Sunday Assembly launched in 2013, we have run A Conference Called Wonder (2014-2017), curated a venue at Wilderness Festival (2015-2017) designed and ran the Life Course in 2015, and hosted hundreds if not thousands of Sunday Assembly gatherings.

What does that mean? It means we knew we could create something truly transformative.

The Curriculum

We wanted to pour all this experience into a structured personal development course. One weekend. With a festival atmosphere. Designed to help you decide what really matters, build relationships and work out the right next step. We use a variety of methods across the weekend to explore these principles, in a restful setting that enables you to step away from the everyday.

Academic, scientific, philosophical rigour? Those things really matter to us so we brought in Professor Guy Claxton and Dr. Mark McKergow to help design the course.

The Experience

What do we mean by a festival atmosphere? Sunday Assembly was founded by two performers, Pippa Evans and myself, Sanderson Jones. From the get go our events have always aimed to be fantastic experiences that combined meaning, fun, laughter, music and joy into a cocktail that transcends all of its component parts. Our retreats will be no different, drawing on music, movement and comedy to animate and engage your full mind and body in a transformative weekend.

This Is Not Just About You

One of the key differences between Retreat To The Future and many other wellbeing and personal development events is that this is not solely about you, the individual. Yes, that really matters – in fact it’s exactly where we start. But the world’s problems will not be solved by each person only focussing on themselves. The cult of individualism is not the answer in an interdependent world.

With that firmly in mind, Retreat To The Future is designed to create long term community connections, and to help people focus on how they will contribute to the world. This is about building people, and building community.

Early Birds Get The First Tickets

We are launching this now and there are still some Early Bird tickets left. We would love you to come. We would love to help you, your community and the world take that next step.

Visit the website for more information and to sign up to experience our mini retreat HERE