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LEGO makes everything awesome

2019 was a good year. There was no lockdown, you could hug your friends and I got a whole box of LEGO for my birthday. I made all kinds of things with the lovely bricks and requested more for Christmas. I even had a LEGO playdate with my friend. All this was inspired by a trip to Sunday Assembly Newcastle where an amazing speaker talked about the incredibly detailed models he made from the coloured bricks.

Then we had an idea – why not have our own LEGO assembly? And so, on 6th December we’re doing just that. It’s 2020 style, via the medium of Zoom, but it’s still going to be all the fun.

We’re excited that Abbie Headon, author of Build Yourself Happy: The Joy of Lego Play will be joining us to talk about how LEGO isn’t just for kids. Not only can LEGO be a heap of fun, but it’s a way to practise mindfulness and unleash your creativity.

Join us on Sunday 6th December at 11am for Everything is Awesome. Sign up for the Zoom link here.

Bring tea, coffee, breakfast, brunch, your smiles and if you have any bring LEGO!