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Let’s Get To Workshops!

We’re running the Let’s-Get- To -Workshops through February and March and we’d love you to come to them. Each workshop will work towards the mission of Sunday Assembly: to help everyone live life as fully as possible.

They’re part of the development of our next big project – Retreat To The Future – a two day urban retreat that we hope will be able to support our brilliant local chapters by bringing people together to make connections and grow personally. With these workshops we’ll be fine-tuning some of the new content, ideas and exercises for that experience.

So please grab a ticket and come down to Sunday Assembly HQ in London because your thoughts, feedback and ideas will help make a great event even better!

Speed Date

Choosing Your Story – February 7th

The human mind is built on stories (maybe because our lives definitely have a beginning, a middle and an end). We make sense of the world through narrative, it’s how we understand ourselves, and our environment.

The question is: what stories are you telling yourself? And how are you telling them? And are they most useful ones you can ask?

Prioritising Your Life – February 14th

There’s so much to do. Isn’t there? Do you go to the theatre? Or to bed? Or to a new dance class? Or to Tibet? This obviously depends on what is important in your life. If you aren’t clear on what is important to you, then you won’t know if the next thing to do is the right thing to do.

Designing A Project That’s Right For You – February 21st

Thinking of starting a new thing? Looking to get something going? If you’ve got an itching to start a project then come along and work on the project will be right for you, your skills and your life. Come along, get along.

Sticking To Your Path – February 28th

It’s all well and good having a plan, it’s all well and good starting a plan, the key is sticking to a plan. Join us for a session that will help you prepare yourself for the path that you’re on. We’re not going to do the journey for you, but we can make sure that you’ve packed hiking boots.

Peak Experiences – March 7th

Abraham Maslow defined peak experiences the ‘moments of highest happiness and fulfilment’ in people’s lives. Are you making time for these in your life? Are they important to you? Or do you see them as self-indulgent? Learn, explore and practice in this interactive workshop.

You can get the tickets here and we ask for a donation. The workshop will last for two hours with some time for feedback at the end. Can’t wait to see you there, and if we can’t have you here, then we hope to get these to your town!