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Make a Google Group for your local Assembly

The Sunday Assembly is at a bit of a bottleneck at the moment. There are literally hundreds of people who’ve got in touch who want to start their own AND we want them to start their own. We need to find a way for all the people who are contacting us, to be able to speak to others near them.

All the Assemblies that are launching have worked because local people have got chatting to each other. We started that process with our forums (and please do go on them to show interest) but we are finding that they are not great for conversations.

Internally we’re using Google Groups a lot, and think that is a good tool for structured chat. So if you do want to start a conversation with people near you here’s how:

  1. Check on your local forum page to see no one has set up a Google Group.
  2. Set up a Google Group for your city or large town, state or region (if you live in small town, or rural area) or country (if you think there might not be loads of people interested).
  3. Post the link to the Google Group on the city, town, or country in the Sunday Assembly Everywhere Forum.
  4. Invite to join, and make them a co-owner.
  5. Get chatting.

The first person to start one was Cameron Reilly in Brisbane so now there is a Google Group called Sunday Assembly Brisbane. Good job, Cameron! Then Shannon created one for Sunday Assembly Silicon Valley. And your job was equally good, Shannon!

I have got the ball rolling by starting them for Adelaide, Perth, and Sydney in Oz. Then New York, Los Angeles Seattle and Chicago. And then Google told me I could not make any more groups.

As previously discussed, we are going to go to take the Crowdfunding Tour to the locations where there is most support for SA, so start building your team and spreading the good news! (Has that line already been taken?)

This leads us on nicely to….

Sunday Assembly Guides

in order help organise, facilitate and zazz up our online community we are looking for some super Sunday Assembly Guides. A Sunday Assembly Guide is an online volunteer role that would involve helping people make the transition from first contact with Sunday Assembly to having their own godless congregation.

If you are a good organiser, and motivator, then this could be something for you. It would be especially good if you have experience in online community management, or customer service, or are just very nice, and like to help people.

Drop us a line if you’re interested. We’re interested in you, you wonderful brilliant person (who is undoubtedly an above average driver and a whirlwind beneath the sheets).

Obviously, there are loads of other ways to help Sunday Assembly and be part of this fledgling movement. Fill in this form and tell us how you would like to help. We will continue to be humbled by your interest in us.