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Meet the community: Ana Piferrer

Ana’s been a part of the community since 2016, and can usually be found in day-glo on-stage of a Sunday morning!

What’s your favourite thing about Sunday Assembly?
My favourite thing about SA is the people I’ve met. The understanding and acceptance from the community never ceases to blow my mind. 

How long have you been coming along?
I’ve been coming to Sunday Assembly for three and half years now, which is quite the feat as I really like sleeping in at the weekend. Some Sundays I even willingly come in extra early!

What are you involved in?
As a volunteer I sing in the choir (they sometimes even let me co-lead the singing, madness!) and I’m part of the Comms team, looking after Instagram – so if you ever write a comment it’ll be me you’ll be talking to most of the time. Feel free to chat to me about what you’d like to see more of on that platform! 

I’m originally from Spain but I’ve lived in the UK for almost 20 years (I moved here for the weather). Half of that time has been spent in London, and I love it! I do miss my family and wish teleportation was a thing. So if you’re working on it, take my money!