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Meet the community: Sophie Abington

Sophie’s a mainstay of the band, and has her hands in SA London’s music team across all our events.

What’s your favourite thing about Sunday Assembly?
The opportunity to meet a range of interesting and friendly people who I might not otherwise come across… and getting to play music with some of them!

How long have you been coming along?
Four years. My first Sunday Assembly was in May 2015 and I joined the band in June.

What are you involved in?
I look after the music side of things for Sunday Assembly – alongside Tanya (who leads the choir) and Matt Lockwood (who does many helpful things). I put together the rota to ensure that we always have a complete band and tech support on a Sunday morning. I help to choose songs, arrange rehearsals and organise the music for events such as Yule Rock and Lates. I can also be found playing the trumpet on stage most Sunday mornings.

When I’m not at Sunday Assembly I run (Brighton Half Marathon is a favourite), cycle and have recently returned from an open water swimming trip to Montenegro. I play trumpet in a band called Tiger Moth and work as a railway engineer, managing the relationship between TfL and HS2.