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Meet the Host: Colin McClure

He’s had a finger in many Sunday Assembly pies over the years, and he’s our intrepid host at Sunday’s LGBTQ+ assembly for Pride month. Let’s unwrap the enigma that is… COLIN McCLURE…

What’s your favourite thing about SA?
It’s the opportunity to appreciate (others, music, new knowledge,
life, tea) and to be appreciated!

How long have you been coming to SA?
I started planning the Bristol assembly in Feb 2013, and we started in
July that year. Been coming to the London one since I moved here in

What do you do as a volunteer?
I coordinate the volunteers for the Tea Team, Set-up Team, and the
Welcomers. I even help out sometimes :p And now I’m hosting!

I’m a scientist at heart, working on flies to understand how & why
males and females are different. I love teaching, and do quite a bit
of outreach / community stuff to promote science & logical thinking.
On days when I’m not sciencing/marking, I listen/dance to electro,
bake, and travel when I can (hiking anyone!?)