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Now Is The Time For Radical Inclusivity

My dear friends, particularly across the USA, it seems that things might not turn out how you thought. For many this is a nightmare. For lots of people this result is scary.

The world has become more threatening. Life has an edge. Those that are full of hate will feel encouraged. Difference will be attacked. The world will be darker.

However, and this is a big HOWEVER individual people and communities *can* still change the world.

That is the TRUTH.

And across history some of the biggest changes have happened by people organising themselves in novel ways. Whole cities and regions lack purpose and agency. And new ways of providing belonging, love and care are needed, I think, across the world.

love, Sanderson x


We believe this is possible through community.  The Sunday Assembly is here to build inclusive spaces for everyone. 

We challenge you with a few things today as you wake up:

  • Act with love: Smile at someone in the street. They probably want to know they’re in a world of love and kindness. Make the world a less scary place for your neighbours and friends.
  • Choose your way: what you choose to focus on affects how you feel. Choose the right things for you, and take time before you react to others.
  • Listen: Hearing people that agree with you is great but more important to listen to those that don’t.  Find spaces where you can be with difference, live with difference and listen to difference without judging.
  • Contribute: in every street in the country there are people who disagreed with you. Make their world better however you can. Work out your way to be a part of a positive future and take action.
  • Build a better future: Support Sunday Assembly by joining in*, taking part, donating.

There is a new world that is possible. A new world that is within our grasp if we come together to see we’re all humans doing our best.
At times like this we are delighted to work for an organisation dedicated to bringing people together. We need more of it, let’s take small steps together.

* This Sunday, there are Sunday Assembly events in Los Angeles (you can also watch this online at 11am PST here), Minneapolis St Paul,  Silicon Valley, Kalamazoo, PortlandSalt Lake City, Nashville, Detroit, Chapel HillLondon (East End), Manchester.