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Periods of Change

Chella Quint, science communicator, educator, and comedian, coined the term ‘period positive’ for the 2006 tour of her “Adventures in Menstruating” comedy show and workshops. During the tour, she realised that more and more people were looking for a way to teach a positive approach to menstruation education. Her goal is to counter all of the negative portrayals of periods in the media, which lead young people to feel shame and disgust about their bodies.

In addition to the main talk and performance, we will hear from a member of our community who is “Trying Their Best” to deal with a period of change. And as always, we will enjoy some positively excellent sing-along songs with the Sunday Assembly Band. Stay after for tea, biscuits, and engaging conversations with others.

As always, it’s free to attend (although we’ll have a collection to cover costs) – but it’s useful for us to know how many people are coming, so if you want to let us know, press some buttons over here: