When Sunday Assembly was started as a community event in North London, Pippa and Sanderson didn’t expect it to become a worldwide movement. Our rapid growth showed a huge unmet demand while support from a number of organisations developed our capacity until now we can build communities for you.

The story started with the RSA who gave us funding through a catalyst grant, after which the Young Foundation took over and put us on the TRANSITION EU incubator programme. There we developed our Theory of Change, impact measurement (we’re now big fans of the S.W.E.M.W.B.S. and you should be too!).

After that Nesta and the Observer named us one of their 50 New Radicals in 2014. And the journey continued. We met Matt Leach of the Housing Association Charitable Trust who told us that Housing Associations would love what we do; and in June 2015 we were commissioned by Poplar Harca to build a Sunday Assembly community for them.

Soon after One Manchester and Trafford Housing Trust commissioned communities near them. If you’d like to bring a Sunday Assembly to your area to build more community, please let us know.

We offer a range of events and community building packages to suit all levels of professional community building organisations.

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Whether it’s performing at an event, or starting a whole Sunday Assembly, there are many ways that we can help you create a community that helps change people’s lives.

We empower people to build secular communities that celebrate life. We use all the community building techniques developed by churches, synagogues and mosques to build community in a radically inclusive and totally secular way that welcomes people from all walks of life.

Across the country (and the world) we help local teams create uplifting and inspirational events on a Sunday that lead to resilient communities—using pop songs, poetry and great talks. These are caring communities with small groups, choirs, local volunteering, children’s activities and pastoral care.

Sunday Assembly makes a huge difference helping increase wellbeing, reduce social isolation and helping those with mental health issues, while our very flexible model allows us to also address other social needs.

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