The weekend retreat designed to help you boldly take the next step into your future.


Who is Retreat To The Future for?

Whether you’re feeling stuck or looking to supercharge, Retreat To The Future is for anyone who wants to get better at life or work.

Photo of a talk at past Retreat to The Future event

What is it?

A personal development weekend with a festival atmosphere, designed to help you decide what really matters, build relationships and work out the right next step.

Photo of a talk at past Retreat to The Future event

When is it?

Oct 2017 in London and Manchester

Early 2018 in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Bristol and London.

More dates & cities to be added soon…

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Day One

  • AM: We start with activities designed to explore your daily outlook, pinpoint personal strengths and celebrate the success you’ve already had.

  • PM: In the afternoon, we’ll use a variety of techniques to examine your beliefs. Expect to uncover your limits, test new paths and revise a few assumptions. You’ll end day one super clear on your own true guiding principals.

Day Two

  • AM: Now you know your deepest values, we’ll see if you’re really living them? Dial up the intensity with a morning packed full of personal discovery.

  • PM: Push your edge by kicking off a brand new personal project. You’ll leave inspired by new insights, stronger in your sense of self, and accountable to a brand new tribe of peers on a similar path.


6 Ways to Find Your Edge

The principles behind our approach: how we’ll grow you, stretch you, challenge you and get your ready to take the next step.

1. Your Outlook

Do you celebrate life? Do you want to? Discover tried and tested ways to help you get out of the lows and towards new highs.

2. Your Beliefs

You can only get as far as your beliefs allow, but did you choose yours? Or were they handed to you? Challenge them to unleash your full potential.

3. Your Values

In life you are trying to fulfil your dearest values. Rediscover your own inner compass to get clear on the right next step for you.

4. Your Next Step

Uncover the next project that expresses who you really are and what you want to see in the world.

5. Your Plan

Team up with others to design your own clear action plan and start to make the most important next big step for you happen – at work or at home.

6. Your Tribe

Retreat to the Future does not end on the last day of the course. We support you to stay in touch with your new allies, online and in person.

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“I’m finally able to understand why I do certain things”

Participant, 2017


Participant, 2017

“A safe, accepting and positive space in which to explore your place in the world”

Participant, 2017


Participant, 2017

“Optimistic and confident and joyful”

Participant, 2017


Participant, 2017

93% of past participants would recommend it to their friends

The Course and The Content

Find your edge with life-changing tools and techniques designed by Sanderson Jones in collaboration with Professor Guy Claxton and Dr. Mark McKergow.

The Theory

The Mind

Using a variety of approaches, we’ll help you think about the way you think, explore how that makes you feel, and get clear on the actions that follow.

The Body

With experiential tools, we’ll test the boundaries you set for yourself, strengthen your creativity and explore what makes you you.

The Mind-Body

The latest research shows that the separation of mind and body is an illusion, our techniques use this holistic view to help you shift the ways you think, feel and act.

The Programme: An Urban Retreat

We use a variety of methods across the weekend, in a restful setting that enables you to step away from the everyday.

Learn cutting edge scientific ideas. Discover more of yourself through hearing and speaking to others. Try activities that take learning out of your head and cement it into your body.

The weekend includes delicious food and drinks.

The Host

Sanderson Jones

Co-Founder and CEO

Sanderson Jones is an award winning social entrepreneur, acclaimed host (Happier World, Happy Start Up Summer Camp, Wellbeing At Work), recovering stand up comedian and co-founder of Sunday Assembly. He also once broke the World Record for the world’s longest hug.

Sunday Assembly is a worldwide secular community founded in 2013. With over 70 Chapters in 6 countries, the movement is dedicated to helping people to live better, help often and wonder more.



32, Business Development Director

“I thought I had a pretty good understanding of who I was, now I know who I am.”


25, Crisis Management PR

“You’re just ready to conquer the world afterwards.”


45, Community Team Manager

““It was absolutely worth every second, every bit of investing.”


Early Bird: £189/$239

Classic: £219/$279

Team (2+): £199/$249

2017/2018 Dates

21-22 October: London, UK Book Tickets

28-29 October: Manchester, UK Book Tickets

January 27-28: San Francisco, US Book Tickets

February 10-11: Las Vegas, US Book Tickets

March 10-11: Bristol, UK Book Tickets

March 24-25: London, UK Book Tickets

More dates coming soon…

For every 10 tickets sold, we will always make one ticket available to those who would otherwise not be able to afford to attend. Please email to apply.

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