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Sunday Assembly Community—Beta!

You may have signed up to an Eventbrite event inviting you to an the Launch of a Sunday Assembly in your area… which was meant to happen in March… then September… and now it’s not happening? Here’s a post from Sanderson explaining why.

There are children you expect and plan for and then there are children that, er, just happen. Parents call these kids ‘surprises’ when they’re sober but, when the booze kicks in, they tend to blurt out ‘You were an accident! But we love you’. Well, let me tell you, that Sunday Assembly is most definitely and most gloriously a surprising / accidental organisation.

Sure, when Pippa and I started it we knew we wanted to create an incredibly fun event full of songs and dripping with joy but we did not expect the sudden global demand. Just as parents with ‘surprises’ on their hands haven’t painted the bedroom, or put any savings aside, we hadn’t planned on creating a scalable solution to the decline in community in the 21st century.

This sudden popularity meant that we did a lot of things as quick fixes that just became the way we did them. We trialled, errored and everything in between. One case in point is that when people said they wanted to have a Sunday Assembly we created them an Eventbrite event, publicised it and saw who signed up.

This worked OK but it always frustrated us. These events provided no way for those are interested to speak to each other, or others in the community. To that end we installed a community function on the site so local organisers could speak to each other.

We’ve recently taken onboard some volunteers who are manning these groups to answer your questions and are now pleased to move away from our tactical use of Eventbrite to trial these community groups as a way of putting organisers in touch.

Please give them a go, let us know how they’re working and give us feedback in all forms because we want to improve every part of what we do the whole time. After all, even though Sunday Assembly was accidental to begin with we’re now doing everything to make it grows up as healthy and happy as can be.