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Sunday Assembly More Than Doubles In Size In One Day #AssembleEverywhere

September 28th is going to be a special day. On September 28th 35 towns across the world will launch new Sunday Assemblies. What’s amazing is that the figure stood at 33 on Monday, but then we heard Budapest and Utrecht were starting too.Live Better Picture2

Assemblies are kicking off in the UK (7), the US (16), Belgium (1), Netherlands (4), New Zealand (1), Canada (2), France (1), Hungary (1) and Germany (2). Our 28 existing Assemblies welcome these new congregations to the Sunday Assembly family. Thanks for joining our mission to build radically inclusive communities that help everyone find and fulfill their full potential.

And the world certainly needs more community: social isolation and loneliness are on the rise with 40% of US adults say they are lonely compared to 20% in the 80s and 1 in 10 UK adults say they have no close friends. This has massive effects on society, and on the health of society with studies showing that loneliness has comparable impacts on your health as smoking and obesity, it impairs immune function and boosts inflammation and can contribute to arthritis, type II diabetes and heart disease.

The Sunday Assembly is proud to fight this decline in sociability with communities powered by karaoke, kindness and cake. If you want to come along to your local Assembly, you can find them below.

Belgium: Brussels
Canada: Toronto, Ottawa
France: Paris
Germany: Berlin, Hamburg
Hungary: Budapest
Netherlands: Amsterdam, Apeldoorn, Rotterdam, Utrecht
New Zealand: Christchurch
UK Bournemouth, Glasgow, Lancaster, Norwich, Southampton, Swansea
US: Baltimore & Howard County, Bellingham, Bloomington, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus OH, Denver, Detroit, Madison, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Phoenix. Pittsburgh, Rochester, Sacramento, Tulsa, Washington DC

If you can’t find them here, then sign up on our Expression of Interest Form, and we’ll help you start one, like we helped these folk. Thanks to everyone who is involved in the Sunday Assembly, whether you have started one yourself, attend regularly, support us online or just say nice things about us behind our backs.

Thank you all. Together we are building something that will help an awful lot of people, for a very long time.

Team Sunday Assembly

Bonus Facts and Figures
Here are some other fun facts and bits and bobs that you can look at and go ‘Ooooh, that’s cool’.

  • 1st Assembly on January 6th 2013
  • 28 Assemblies in August 2014
  • 35 more launching on September 28
  • 10 more to start in 2014: 15 more in early 2015
  • Average congregation size of Assemblies 60-80.
  • Sunday Assembly London has 300-400 attendees
  • In the first 6 months of the year, each Assembly contributed approximately 154 hours of volunteering in the community.