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The Sunday Assembly Forums Are Back

Forums are open again. We’ve added signup and login forms to all forum pages in the right hand sidebar so just get going!

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Main forum page:

We shut these down last year because they were just getting full of spam (unless it was you guys who just wanted to post about shoe sales and viagra. Was it? BECAUSE I WILL NOT BE IMPRESSED IF I FIND OUT THAT IS THE CASE!). But now they are good to go.

They are excellent if you want to find out if there are other people in your area who are interested, or if you want to discuss song choices, or suggest ideas for community action. The most important thing is to get chatting.

The second most important thing is to be nice when you are chatting. The Sunday Assembly is full of lovely people, and so if you are being a douche we will not hesitate to ask you politely not to be a douche.

That’s it. Now attack the forums!

Have you moderated forums before? Maybe you’d like to do it again….