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Sunday Assembly Holiday T-Shirts!

Hey everyone, hope you are all amazing.

The end of the year is fast approaching and that time usually involves giving presents, doesn’t it? Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 13.32.25

Well, some folk got in touch with us asking about Sunday Assembly gifts – and we didn’t have any.

So then we asked our newsletter, what winter gifts they wanted. They voted for ‘T-shirts!’. We asked ‘What design do you want out of a choice of four?’. They voted for ‘The one with ‘Wonder More’ on it and the snowflakes’.

So we have printed out these AWESOME t-shirts and if you want to wear them and look cool (geddit? Because of the snowflakes), or give them to your friends, family and loved ones, then you can.

You can buy them through this link now. We will ship them straight to you, they only cost £15 and they look ace. Basically it is all good.

The money raised from these tees will go towards providing support for folk who are starting new Sunday Assembly chapters and to help those chapters that are already up and running. So, if you give someone you love and respect this super sweet tee you’ll help us help even more people.

It’s your support that allows us to keep on spreading wonder and joy and happiness across the world. Your support is building communities. Your support is great. And that means you are great.

Thanks so so so much!

ps. This is the t-shirt link again (in case you missed it up top).