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Sunday Assembly, London: Global Mega Party! – October 20th, 11 am.

October 20th we are having a party, at our usual time in London, for the launch of the 40 Dates and the 40 Nights Roadshow, and our crowdfunding campaign, and everyone in the world is invited.

As it’s a party we are going to have some extra super great elements – including a variety of speakers! We have invited back our friend Harry Cliff – the CERN guy (you may remember his many pictures of Brian Cox) and Carrie Armstrong, author of the website

This will be livestreamed across the world, so Assemblers can have viewing parties of their own wherever they are. Going to people’s houses, bringing some grub, eating, sharing and laughing, because it is a great way to build friendship and community, and just a good thing all round.

With a band, the choir and, of course, Pippa and Sanderson, this is going to be a party that you will never forget.

  • Location: Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square.
  • Time: 11 am
  • Date: October 20th