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Sunday Assembly, London – Sept 1st – ‘Go Team!’

After a lovely summer break, Sunday Assembly London starts again with the topic “Go Team!”. We’ll be talking about working together, trying your best and hopefully being your team.

There’s going to be a fantastic sportsman talking, and lots of jolly songs and fun and tea! See you there, you beautiful squares.

Oh, for those that don’t know, the Sunday Assembly is a celebration of life. It’s for folk who want to live better, help often and wonder more. And our aim is to help everyone live this one life as fully as poss.

The location is the wonderful York Hall in Bethnal Green, but please keep an eye on the location because we’ll be moving round in the next few months (long story).

  • Address: 5 Old Ford Rd  London E2 9PJ
  • Time: 11 am
  • Map here.

That’s about it. See you on Sunday.

ps. spread the word.