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Sunday Assembly London’s Anti-racism Statement

Sunday Assembly London is a secular community, radically inclusive, and open to all, no matter what your beliefs. We are a community of people from all kinds of backgrounds with differing experiences, lifestyles and ideas. This is what makes us who we are – a community of kindness and inclusivity that comes together to celebrate life. But in celebrating life and upholding our values – Live Better, Help Often, Wonder More – we have a responsibility to tackle discrimination, prejudice and inequality. This includes racism.

Sunday Assembly has always been, and always striven to be, fully supportive of equality, diversity, inclusion, and against racism and other forms of discrimination and inequality.     

Recent events, and subsequent conversations across the world, have led to us revising how we can better support change within our charity. We do not claim to      have all the answers, but we are learning and listening to our community, including those from a BAME background while also working closely with our global network.

We are committed to finding better ways to ensure black people and people of colour are supported, valued and feel safe to join, be a part of, and fully participate in and contribute to our community.

We are also committed to ensuring that our speakers, readers, hosts and musicians are representative. We will find more inclusive ways to:    

  • Live better, educating ourselves about institutional racism, prejudices, privileges and unconscious biases that cause discrimination and disadvantage in the world at large. Using this learning to act in more inclusive ways within ourselves and mitigate discrimination and disadvantage within our community.
  • Help often, working against injustice and sharing our growing understanding with others.
  • Wonder more, asking the big, difficult questions to check we haven’t stopped learning, evolving and being curious about the lives of others.

Sunday Assembly London welcomes all who welcome all.

20th June 2020