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Support the Community

Become a Regular Donor with Sunday Assembly London and help create a vision of a world where secular communities unite to provide a community of tangible help, permanent wonder and thousands of lives that keep getting better and better.

We need you to help us grow and make this vision a reality.

How much? Let’s start with something relatively easy: an hour’s pay – an hour of being at Sunday Assembly! 

An average London salary is £25K, which works out as £12.50 post tax. If everyone who comes along to Sunday Assembly London set up a Direct Debit for that amount, we’d be on around £5K a month. Make it two hours and at £25 a month we really start to shift gear.

Work out your hourly wage and “pay it forward”, give what you can so that everyone can be part of this awesome movement, where we help everyone to live life as fully as possible.