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The Art Of Protest

In 1998, William Talen became so angered by the mass consumerism that had taken over city life in New York that he began protesting in Times Square. But it wasn’t a normal protest; it was more like a performance. He developed an over-the-top Billy Graham-esque character and, accompanied by a choir of people who also believed that shopping culture was destroying communities as well as the planet, his irreverent act grew from a street act into a movement.
In 2021, as Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir made plans to tour the UK to spread their message of earth-consciousness leading up to COP26 in Glasgow, they invited some of their British followers to join them. Now Stop Shopping UK is embarking on their own journey, and they’ll share their story and their message with us through speech and song.
In addition to the main talk and performance, we will hear from a member of our community who is “Trying Their Best”. As always, we will have rebellious rocking sing-along songs with the Sunday Assembly Band. Stay after for tea, biscuits, and yer basic community stuff.
As always, it’s free to attend but it’s always nice to know how many people will be there so we can sort out the seats…