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The Science of Celebration

Being alive is pretty much the one thing that people of all faiths and none can agree on – although there are always a few exceptions. I’m looking at you, living-in-a-simulation people with your long leather coats and still rather stylish sliding phones.

Sunday Assembly was founded on the principle of celebrating the one live we know we have -but why? What is this need that humans have to make a great big fuss about things? This week’s speaker, Jacques Martinet, has a ton of experience in creating celebratory events and will look at why our brains need to commemorate events and how to go about doing it.

There will be a whole load of songs, of course, Brighton’s Gareth Dee will be Trying His Best and the whole thing will be held together by Sunday Assembly’s resident poetry-human, Anj Cairns. See you on Sunday at 11am!