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Thinking Like A Woman

Coming up at Conway Hall on March 6th…

Eleanor Roosevelt once famously said, “A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water.” At the start of the pandemic George Halfin, project manager at a national charity, Innate Health coach, and mum of two found herself in ‘hot water’. Furloughed from her job, struggling with home-schooling and with her husband’s work also in flux she began thinking seriously about her situation and the state of the world. At risk of drowning in the negative chatter of her personal thinking, she reached out for a lifeline: she was lucky enough to know other women who had learned a way through their own struggles.In celebration of International Women’s Day, George will speak to us about what she learned from these women, and how they motivated her to bring their inspiring stories together in her book, “A Life Less Serious.”

This event will be hosted by author and poet Anj Cairns. As always, we invite you to sing your hearts out along with the Sunday Assembly band, enjoy poetry, and hear from a member of our community who is “Trying Their Best”. Please stay after for tea, biscuits, and engaging conversations with others.