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This week’s Sunday Assembly

If you come along to Sunday Assembly London, chances are you live in this urban jungle we call home. How connected to you feel to nature in your day to day concrete-life? Do you want to take a journey back to the wilder version of yourself? – Then this assembly is for you! And before you ask, no, we aren’t all going to be hopping on a bus to the forest!

This assembly will be our last for summer (we are back in September) so we wanted to set you up for some outdoor adventures. We are so excited to have Tony Riddle (right) along to speak with us! Tony has spent twenty years studying the modern condition and working on ways to free us from its constraints to achieve total wellness.

“If we can recognise where nature is missing from our lives we can reconnect with it and fall back in love with it, and in doing so can shake the angst-inducing monkey off our collective back” – sounds good, right?

We also have the wonderful Anj Cairns coming to perform some spoken word for us and Katherine Sirrell is Trying Her Best.

We’ll also be doing our usual: Mass singalongs to some of our favourite pop songs, hearing stories from a member of our community and drinking a vat of tea afterwards.

THIS SUNDAY, 7th July at 11am
Conway Hall, Holborn

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We need your help with sourcing speakers, poets, performers and people to share their Trying My Best experiences. Ashlee, who looks after bookings, would love to hear your suggestions!