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Volunteer Day Of Action – June 7th

It is with much excitement, and then a little more excitement, that we can announce our first Sunday Assembly  Volunteer Day of of Action on Saturday June 7th. Assemblies all over the world will be volunteering on service projects and community activities in their area, doing their bit to make life better for those around them.

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One of the Sunday Assembly’s greatest strengths is that we are a global organisation. Our worldwide network will allow us to amplify our message, and our actions, so that we can help more people across this fantastic planet lead the lives they deserve to live.

Please join our Volunteer Day of Action wherever you are, because we would love you on our team. You can volunteer in whatever way you like, no matter how large or small. You could help an old lady across the road, or help to build a school, or anything in between (maybe build a school for old ladies?)

Please share what you’re doing with us on Twitter @SundayAssembly and on Facebook/TheSundayAssembly using the hashtag #helpoften.

This is the first Day of Action, of many, and we can’t wait to hear how you are making a difference, wherever you are.

Thanks so much for taking part!

The Sunday Assembly Team