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We have a Podcast! Please listen to it.

The Sunday Assembly has a podcast. Sound the trumpets! Drop the beat! Tickle your neighbour! Or do whatever you want to celebrate this great news. The podcast is super fun and comes out once every two weeks (or so). The only way it could be improved is if YOU listened to it (there are probably other ways it could be improved).

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Pippa Evans, Alysha Wood and I (Sanderson Jones) are corralled by producer Cameron Reilly while we talk to some super great guests. Our most recent interview is with Daniel McCoy who has worked at Pixar for 25 years. Dan is not only the loveliest of men but has worked on Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, RatatouilleUp and Toy Story 3.

Shut. UP. I hear you say. But I won’t, because it is true. He has worked on amazing films while also running Sunday Assembly East Bay as he is doubly great.

Please subscribe to us on iTunes and, more importantly, leave comments and rate us. That really helps people to get to listen to us. You can also use Feedburner to subscribe on your other podcast services.

There are a ton of great podcasts in the back catalogue to and we would love to have you onboard for the ride.