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We’re Officially a Charity!

Corporate structures are normally pretty dull affairs – “Oh, really, you’re a limited liability partnership with a community interest company trading arm and 501(c)3 in the US? How fascinating!” – but not this time!

Sunday Assembly is officially a registered charity. Yep, we have a special number and everything. It has taken a while because the charity commission hadn’t seen that many organisations like Sunday Assembly (“So you’re a non-religious non-anti-religious non-church sort-of-church? Right. Stay on the line.”).

Becoming a charity means lots of great things in terms of tax and GiftAid and those sorts of things but, more than all of that, it means that it is really clear that Sunday Assembly is dedicated not-for-profit but to help others. Now, this should be obvious to everyone as we haven’t posted huge profits and have just been helping people, however, the legal status makes it extra clear.

If you would like to become a regular charitable donor to Sunday Assembly then you can click here (if you’re in the US we have a 501(c)3 so you can claim tax back) to support us on our brilliant mission:

To help everyone live life as fully as possible.

It is a big bold brave mission as we don’t just mean the people who attend Sunday Assembly – we want to create a world where everyone is able to make the most of this one life we know we have.

Now we have achieved charitable status we can now move on with a new and exciting Sunday Assembly project which we will allow us to help as many people as possible as quickly as possible. It does mean I’ll have to blog again about corporate structures which, as you all know, is my favourite thing to do.

Sanderson x