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We’re the kids in America – WOOOOOOO #40Dates

Hey chaps,

Apologies how totally rubbish we have been about blogging. Turns out that trying to run an international movement whilst being on the road is a little trickier than we first thought.

Here is a little taste of what we have gotten up to. We are about to go start Sunday Assembly Chicago so we’ve restricted it to three key points about the places we’ve been so far:

New York City

Fantastic hosting with delightful Erik – Pippa got to sleep with a lizard. It sang.

Photos taken on the roof top of an apartment overlooking Central Park – best tourist moment.

A fantastic team emerging there – great singing from Rachel Zevita and Sid (Syd? We should totally ask spellings when learning names orally) did a super story.  Watch this space…

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What an Assembly! Great band, great team. Always a good sign when the team are dancing and singing-a-long with everything!

Pippa cried during Trying Her Best – was it being overwhelmed by the enormity and realisation that Sunday Assembly has gotten so big and is touching so many people, or was it the extra strength cold medicine? We shall never know.

Sanderson ate biggest steak sandwich ever. Then felt a big sick.

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CFI were fabulous hosts. Melody Hensley wins best storyteller EVER. If you ever meet her, ask about her Greek non-religious wedding.

Having not got the lyrics on powerpoint, the congregation “club-sang” Lean On Me (not quite singing the words but singing the tune to similar sounds).

A new team is being established – want to join in? Go to and fill in an Expression of Interest.

More soon – Chicago beckons!