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You Said, We Responded: Our first Labs feedback

Labs, our community feedback and experimentation project, is well underway, with two Assemblies under our belt! We’ve been hard at work collating your feedback behind the scenes, and we’re excited to be sharing the feedback from Sunday 1st September’s Assembly, with the community. Let’s get to it!

TypeYou Said…Response
Lots of feedback that the favourite change is Community Milestones.This will be a regular from now on!
writtenLove the milestones!
Can we have photos or people standing up during Milestones? It would build community by increasing familiarity of people!
Great idea, but with some people absent, that’s a lot of photos for our busy team. So, if you also like the idea, we’d love your help!
If you’d like to volunteer, email
Sticker feedback was mixed but written and verbal comments were unanimously in favour of having the poet at the end.The poet will stay at the end for now but we may move it in future LABS (and will get your feedback again!)
People liked on-screen notices at the beginning, and upcoming event listings.We’ll continue doing this before and after Assemblies, when we can.
People didn’t like notices delivered by host, but said it was the way notices were delivered. Comments also emphasised the need for concise notices.We may revisit hosts doing notices, but we’ll first try a rotating notices team announcing them and focusing on making them clear and concise.
writtenWhen notices are finished please ask “Is there anything else?” – things often get left out (e.g. the next East End assembly)Great idea – we’ll try it!
(also, sorry East End!)
verbalGeneral excitement and positive feedback about LABS and our experiments. Many people thanked us.We’re also really excited! We’d love you to join us on this journey.
To join or give feedback, email:
writtenNotices say ‘talk to … if you’re interested’ but finding people is difficult. Can you show photos, and release them from post-assembly work so they’re available?We’re working on it, but it may take time, and it’s only possible with more volunteers. If you’d like to help, email!k you!
written PUB CHANGE: Some people were really excited and came along for the first time while others were upset about the change.
Some of the feedback we received was that the trial pub was twice the price, smelled of eggs and was motivated by politics.

We understand why Wetherspoons is popular, but after recent feedback from the community, we agreed that as an LGBTQ+ ally we can’t support their official equality policies.  Many of our community support the change for political reasons – we’re non-political, and that’s not the reason for the change.  
It’s difficult to compete with their pricing, but we’re working hard to find alternatives at as low a price point as possible. 
The smell of eggs is our bad and we’ll try alternatives. We’d love you to join us on this journey but understand if you do your own thing, post-Assembly.
It goes without saying that we’d love for you to help us find our new pub by joining LABS!

If you’ve not read about Labs and what we’re up to, check out the introduction we posted last month. You can get involved by emailing and giving us new ideas to test, or simply by volunteering to get involved in our brainstorming and planning sessions!