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Yule Rock Update

Thank you to those who have fed back to us; we are so pleased that you took the time to get in touch and have reflected hard on what you – the community – have been telling us. In retrospect this should have been the email you received – telling you that Yule Rock is cancelled.

In Sunday Assembly fashion we were trying our best, and this much we know… we got it wrong!

Omi-Rock-In was imagined to be as sparkly and dazzling as Yule Rock, except it would be online… We then remembered that we’re humans living on earth with only 24-hour days and amidst a pandemic.

Going ahead with a virtual version wouldn’t do our volunteers and community justice. Above all we also know that with only a handful of hours to transition this into an epic virtual event, we would have disappointed ourselves, and more importantly, you. 

We are so sad that this is where we are. But we also know that this community’s strength is being resilient and supportive of each other. 

We plan to come together as soon as we possibly can and will honour our previous promise that the tickets you have purchased will be transferable to any ticketed event during 2022, including next year’s Yule Rock. We say this anticipating that we won’t be cancelling again due to going through another year of Covid!

Thank you so much for reading this and we hope that you understand why this decision has been made. If you would like to discuss it further then please send an email to 

Because we care about you all, we do advise to please go and get boosted, if not already. A big thanks to our community members working on the front line helping us all to get through this latest pandemic wave safely.

Best wishes, and we hope you all have a wonderful festive time.