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A Day Called Wonder is Nearly Here!

Join A Day Called Wonder 2015 on 4th-6th December for a gathering dedicated to celebrating life, building communities and wondering deeply. Sunday Assembly are bringing together inspirational speakers, profound thinkers and great doers who will provide you with tools to improve your life, grow your community and lead change in the world.

After a day of joyful gathering we’ll get together for an evening shindig which will carry on long into the night. The action doesn’t stop there as the next day there will be Sunday Assembly at 11 am in Conway Hall.

“Guaranteed to be as fun as Christmas, and as inspirational as a famous bearded man on a Sunday” Time Out 2015

It be a filled full of workshops and talks, all designed to inspire, connect and celebrate life together. Learn how to ‘Improve Your Life’ in an interactive workshop led by Pippa who’s fresh from a stint on the West End in ‘Showstopper! The Improvised Musical’. Or let Sam Brown blow your mind as he explores what being inclusive really means. And don’t forget to find out how to you, and the people around you can turn yourselves into the leaders you can be with Andy Pakula.

A Day Called Wonder was originally launched as an event for Sunday Assembly organisers and Sunday Assemblers until we realised that it was of interest to folk of all sorts who wants to build communities, change lives and make a difference in this one life we know we have.

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