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Prioritising happiness and kindness influences how we approach everything – including our personal lives, families, communities, schools and workplaces. It also shapes our views on public policy and helps us to consider the wellbeing of future generations too.

Sarah Vero, Head of Communications at Action for Happiness has a specialism in the intersection of joy, creativity, politics, mental health and wellbeing. She joins us today to talk about how we can help each other learn evidence-based skills for happier living, feel a sense of belonging and commit to personal action to create more happiness, for ourselves and others.

We are also thrilled to have poetry from Soni Quintero, poet and founder of Newham Poetry Group, Queer Newham, and Borderless; initiatives that facilitate access to creative writing for people new to the English language, and create safe and supportive spaces for POC LGBTQ+ refugees and forced migrants.

There will be four fantastic songs performed by our very own Sunday Assembly Band, so bring your best singing voices and dancing shoes! Please stay after for tea, biscuits, and engaging conversations with members of our community.