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Humans of Sunday Assembly

Humans of Sunday Assembly with photo of people in Conway Hall

Hello, humans of Sunday Assembly!

One of the many things we’ve enjoyed during lockdown is getting to know different people in the community. Before the world changed we were going to do mini interview clips of you, but got a little sidetracked with all the online Assemblies. We popped the idea in a virtual box and now it’s coming out to play. 

Over the summer we want you to make some mini videos saying who you are and what your 3 favourite things about Sunday Assembly are. When they are done, send them by We Transfer to

If you’re a bit unsure about making the video but want to take part give Anj a shout. There is always a way!

We’ll share the videos via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our newsletter over the coming weeks.

Now, stop reading and get those phones, tablets, computers and cameras out and make a little movie!