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Sunday Assembly, London: June 2nd – Happiness – 11 am – FREE

Another Sunday Assembly, another venue, this time we’re in York Hall in Bethnal Green for a service on ‘Happiness’. It is gonna be all about how to get happy, and make other people happy.

The speaker is the very brilliant Anthony Seldon who is not only one of the trustees of Action For Happiness – a group whose sole aim is to spread the love – but he is also Master of Wellington College, and an excellent speaker to boot.

More important than all that (sorry Anthony), PIPPA IS BACK. We have all missed her loads and it is going to be great to have her there. And here’s a Facebook event for it.

  • Theme: Happiness
  • Speaker: Anthony Seldon
  • Price: FREE
  • Time: 11 am
  • Location: York Hall, Bethnal Green
  • Address: 5 Old Ford Rd  London E2 9PJ

And: Live better, help often and wonder more!