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Sunday Assembly seeks Board of Advisors / Team of Badasses

Being transparent is pretty great. Whenever we tell you what we’re doing we get loads of advice on how to do it better. Thus it is our great pleasure to tell you that Sunday Assembly is putting together a Board of Advisors, and we would love to have your suggestions of who we should ask.

If YOU were starting a godless congregation that celebrates life, for people who want to live better, help often and wonder more, who are the very best people to have at the end of the phone to get advice? Who can put us in touch with other great people? Who has done something like this before? Who wants to see it succeed? Who can help us do this as well as possible? Who can help make Sunday Assembly go from good to great?

It would be great if you could ping this round the TwitterBlogFacebookNet a bit as the more eyes we can get on this the better.

These are the areas that we think we could do with finding that special someone:

  • Philosophical Spiritual Theoretical Type Bod: A person we can drop a line to if we have a question about the philosophy and theory of atheism, humanism and any other -ism. Jonathan Haidt, are you reading this? Call me ::does hand phone thing::
  • Community Action Innovator: Who are the innovators who can show us how we could link our super congregations to local communities to have a massive impact on societies? We like the Harlem Children Zone btw.
  • Big Happiness Data: our mission is to help everyone find and fulfill their potential. We want to put a measure on this, and then we want to move that number. If we could then hook this up to people’s data from their every day lives, that would be amazing. Is this a pipe dream?
  • Tech Start Up Guru: In order to have the greatest impact on people’s lives The Sunday Assembly will need to have an fantastic digital experience, and it will need to scale efficiently and globally. Airbnb did a good job of that.
  • Pastoral Provider: Meeting the needs of a congregation is a very specific skillset, with its own challenges and rewards. Who could we ask for tips? The Pontifex?
  • Operations Legend: with multiple locations across countries and continents The Sunday Assembly will need a great organisational back end to be as effective as possible.
  • Behaviourial Psychologist: to help people live better, we probably need to know a lot about what makes them tick and then we can help them become the people they want to be. Someone who works in the Nudge Unit would be good at this.
  • Commercial Fundraiser: having decided to be a social enterprise, we’ll want someone who can help us earn money, and raise money from grants, government bodies and the rest.

That’s about it guys. Who else should we talk to? What else do we need to know? Are we looking in entirely the wrong place? Please tell us in the comments. We want to have the baddest of badasses on our team. Thanks.