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We’re building our future

Back in January, the community got together and submitted ideas of what we want from Sunday Assembly London. Then, on March 25th we got together again to decide on a plan everyone can get behind.

What’s the plan?
We’re doing a few things:

  • We’ve got a new organising committee to make sure nothing falls through the gaps. It’s going to plan for the long term, and support our Action Teams – who handle things like music for Assemblies, Live Better groups, Help Often events and social co-ordination – so they don’t get overwhelmed and burn out.
    Check out the draft committee plan here
  • We’ve got a big list of ideas, and the committee will be pulling it all together into a solid plan. Right now, we’re putting in place a sustainable structure for organising volunteers and fundraising so we can get to the ambitious stuff as soon as possible.
    Check out the list here (it’s long and messy!)
  • We’re recruiting new Trustees to handle formal governance – Sunday Assembly London is now its own standalone charity, with East End and Manchester governing themselves.
    We’d love to hear from you if you have board experience or if you’d like to get some!

It all means that there’ll be more opportunities for community members to get involved, and if you do help out, you won’t be overwhelmed!

If you’ve got more ideas or would like to get cracking on the committee, Board of Trustees or as a volunteer, please email

Thanks, and see you this Sunday!
The Sunday Assembly London Comms Team