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Heroes Needed!

Hello you, you’re looking great today. We’re super excited about the first Sunday Assembly General Meeting taking place on Sunday, alongside Assemblies happening in London, Brighton and New York.

Sunday Assembly is growing super fast because of people like you. You’re helping us expand into every (inhabited) continent in the world. People like you are helping us build websites, write press releases, create awesome videos and help people around the world start those assemblies.

We need more people like you. Here are a few roles we’re currently looking for. Is that you?

Content Editor Hero

photo by JD Hancock
photo by JD Hancock

At Sunday Assembly, we set out to create content that will inspire people to Live Better, Wonder More & Help Often.

So far, we’ve published articles that thousands of people from all over the world have seen, loved and shared with their friends. To do all this, we have a team of super people that write content and manage social media.

As part of a fulltime internship, Jan Willem has helped set up the content team and started out with the editing role. His internship is coming to an end, and he’s now helping to set up an Assembly in Amsterdam.

That’s why we’re looking for a content hero that is keen to edit and publish content on the blogs, keep in touch with writers and proof readers and post content links to our social media channels.

Is that you? Please let JW know and he’ll be in touch with you.

100 Assemblies Assemble!

The 100 Assemblies Team needs new Guides to help with our awesomely important mission to have 100 Assemblies worldwide by the end of 2014!

You’ll be working from home to establish and maintain contact with people who want to start Assemblies, giving them the encouragement, support and information they need to launch this September. You’ll be part of a team of Guides working around the globe, managed by Eleanor and in touch with each other by Skype and in person. If you are positive, friendly and committed, happy to email and use the internet and have a few hours to spare most weeks between now and the end of September, please get in touch!

Sunday Assembly has relied on the overwhelming generosity of our congregations and some wonderful organisations that have provided grants, but we want to become sustainable and able to be around for the future generations that want to celebrate life. We’re looking for people that are brilliant fundraisers, amazing at grant applications and outstanding at finding innovative ways of generating income.

Hackers Assemble!
We’re in the process of building an AWESOME new website and need some specific help that’s rather techie. We’re going to organise a HACK day in London at the end of May / beginning of June, maybe you’d like to have a blast for a day with likeminded people that are awesome at techie things and help Sunday Assembly achieve it’s mission. If you can’t make that but would like to help out at other times, please get in touch as well.

Front-End WordPress Developers
Sunday Assembly’s design and UX team have developed a new custom theme for the network. This theme needs to be packaged into a custom WordPress theme that can be rolled out to and across the Sunday Assembly Everywhere network. There will be further front end work required as we iterate more on the platform, bringing on new features and working with users to better serve their needs.

WordPress Plugin Developer
The SA network has several existing plugins that need to be optimised in order to provide better integration with the Sunday Assembly platform. Alongside this, there are several requirements for custom plugin development, such as integration of several different events marketing platforms through APIs and implementation of a customised CMS system.

Developer with Amazon Web Service (AWS) Experience
Our current SA network setup is using the AWS structure set up by one of our volunteers. Your task is to work with that volunteer to audit and document the current AWS setup, give advice and guidance on how to optimise this setup, and outline how SA can best approach a robust and scalable AWS structure that will see 100+ assemblies and over 10,000 to 100,000 users join the network.

Developer with Mulesoft (Enterprise Service Bus) Experience
We need a new server for the SA network that we want to install an Enterprise Service Bus on, which will connect SA to a wide range of SaaS platforms, Open APIs, and social networks quickly and easily. We’re going with a service called Mule, a widely used open source enterprise service bus. It is standards based, provides easy integration with Spring and JBoss, and fully supports the enterprise messaging patterns collected by Hohpe and Woolf.

Back End Developers
Help to manage the back end infrastructure of the Sunday Assembly platform (including Disk Space, CPU, Database Backups), help to manage System Software Installation & Configuration Settings (for Hosted Software Applications), responsible for pro-active monitoring of the Sunday Assembly Platform, monitoring of WP Security Logs, 404 Checking and reports to the wider Dev Team.