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A Conference Called Wonder: Sunday Assembly Conference 2015

A Conference Called Wonder (the Sunday Assembly’s Annual Conference) will explode into Atlanta from May 29th to May 31st this year and… are on sale now.

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Anyone who went to last year’s conference will tell you the event is beyond amazing. Prepare to be bathed in positive vibes, inspired by incredible people and motivated to go out and make a difference in your community.

This year we are upping our game in a major way with a huge array of guest speakers all dedicated to helping you grow your Sunday Assembly, or launch a new one. They range from Hemant Mehta, the author of the Friendly Atheist, to Casper Kelly, the creator of the viral comedy smash Too Many Cooks, to Mandisa Thomas, talking about building diversity into communities, to name a few.

Right now, there are 30 early bird tickets at only $100 so get on it.

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And it’s more than just a conference! There is:

  • A Mindfulness Adventure: a bespoke mindfulness journey over the course of the conference.
  • Yummy Yoga: morning stretching for the fun and flexible.
  • Early Morning Rave: dance your way into the day!
  • The Organic Orchestra: bring an instrument, join in and make music.
  • The Sunday Assembly Of All The Talents: An Assembly of epic proportions.

Atlanta in May is sunny and beautiful with BBQ by the yard and southern hospitality by the pitcher. Please, come on down to A Conference Called Wonder – it will fill your head with ideas, and your heart with joy. Keep your eye on the website A Conference Called Wonder  as new things get added, as there is more in the pipeline!

On a personal note, I can not wait to meet you as connecting with the people of Sunday Assembly is so enriching.

Much love,

Sanderson and The Sunday Assembly Team